Essential Ethics for Law Enforcement New Hires Version

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Essential Ethics for Law Enforcement New Hires


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This session provides the participant with the foundation for understanding the dynamics of ethical decision making in the law enforcement field.  Highlighted are the concepts of character, ends vs. means decision making, the elements of decision making, handling discretion, handling disagreement, authority, non-negotiable values, and care for social media presence.


Participants will be able to:

  • Understand the impact of behavior on character
  • Describe the principles of ends vs. means decision making
  • Understand basic ethical decision-making principles
  • Understand and describe how we gain relational authority
  • Identify their non-negotiable values
  • Understand the concept of discretion
  • Develop strategies for proper disagreement
  • Understand the impacts of fatigue and speed on decision making

Course Certification

MN POST Board Course No. 10257-0006

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