About Us

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Our Mission…

Fostering positive values and integrity for public service.

Our Story…

Founded in 2009, Influence International is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that equips law enforcement and other public service professionals and organizations through a relevant and transforming equipping process called Solomon 365, a high quality values-based equipping process that focuses on developing leaders of virtue, cultures of trust, and systems of integrity. We desire to build a character in those who deliver public service that is capable, compassionate, and not subject to personal gain.

Our Vision…

Capable, honest and compassionate public service everywhere.

Our Strategy…

Our strategy to carry out our mission is to Relate – Equip – Encourage.

We believe…

  • Public service is a calling, not a job.
  • A solid character is a key ingredient to executing authority.
  • Attitude is the best defense against conformity to unhealthy standards.
  • Time is precious and now is the time to develop a healthy attitude and
  • There is great personal freedom in developing a healthy character.