Things to Remember

Over the course of 30+ years in law enforcement, I have come to realize these things to always remember about your public service as a law enforcement officer.  In the spirit of encouragement, here they are:

Hold fast to your values.  Learn and know your non-negotiable values and follow them.

This is a vocation, not a job.  You are working for something bigger than yourselves, align with that.  You will spend yourself to serve the larger good.

Here, there, everywhere…you are a cop.  Guard your career jealously.  Integrity means that the way you act at work is not different from the way you act away from work.

Your attitude is your future.  You are here because of who you are.  Every time you leave a room, you leave something behind.

Average is never good enough.  It is not enough to maintain our mission. Advance it!  It’s okay to think differently.

Safeguard unity.  Communicate in person whenever possible.  Food brings unity, gather around the table for it, bless it and share it often.

Never stop being a student.  Read and study.  Understand what you do and who you do it for.  Improve intellectually every day.

Keep perspective.  Public perception will try to have you believe 90 percent of the people hate you.  Don’t be a victim of it.  Truth is, 90 percent of the community supports your noble work.

This work is fun.  You will get to do, see, and hear things the average person cannot fathom.  Respect the privilege of your ringside seat to the greatest show on earth, the human condition.

Love always wins.  Above all, continue to love one another.  Loving your friends is easy; I pray the Lord gives you the disciplined heart to love the unlovable.